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We are all fully aware that steam offers benefits to our skin and body. In fact for hundreds and thousands of years people have realised the health properties found in steam and have indulged in many different methods to ensure they gain the benefits from steam. Unfortunately like ourselves they never had the benefit of enjoying a good steam shower within their own home but they would go to health farms, spas and other recreational places where steam rooms were available.

You would not think that steam could offer so much but once heat is mixed with water to produce steam it has a profound benefit to our bodies. It enables our muscles to relax, helps to alleviate stiff joints and other aches and pains, increase the metabolism, helps to reduce stress and fatigue, boosts the immune system and helps to eliminate the toxins within our body. Also it replenishes and cleans the skin and all this is from steam.

One of the main reasons why steam is such a benefit for the body’s immune system is due to how the body itself uses natural defence mechanisms when we are ill. When we become ill the body’s automatic response is to induce fever and is one of the body’s most powerful aspects against diseases. The common cold and flu are good examples where fever is an effective method used to combat the illness.

People also use other forms to enhance the steam to provide relaxation such as aromatherapy. All these methods are tried and tested and have been for countless years.

Now we are able to offer you all the benefits of steam within your very own home with the introduction of the steam shower. The steam showers are self contained units varying in size and price that can be easily assembled within the home. The steam showers come with their very own built in steam generators so that you can indulge in your very own steam room at your own pleasure. The steam shower has many other features and is an ideal accompaniment to any bathroom or household.