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Who would have thought years ago that we would be able to relax in a bath or shower room, that massages your body and at the same time as watching television all in the comfort of your very own bathroom.

Well now you can with the new high tech steam shower and steam shower baths. The new range of steam showers not only provide you with an array of high tech features including radio, telephone and television but are wonderful for providing health restoring benefits. The steam shower units come fully self-contained and are easily assembled within the confines of your own bathroom. Once assembled you have the luxuries of remote control features and a mass of relaxing properties built in. These include steam generator, foot and calf massager, body massage system, chrome therapy lighting which in simple terms is mood enhancing lighting, over head rain fall effect and much more.

The steam shower rooms are simply irresistible and come in a wide selection of shapes and sizes from the corner units to the simple walk in systems. You also have the added option of having the standard steam shower room or you can indulge in one of the more state of the art systems containing a steam shower and steam shower bath combined. The steam shower baths come with the same refinements as the standard steam shower but also comes with a fully installed bath with built in whirlpool features. There truly is no better way of relaxing than coming home from a hard and stressful day and getting into your very own steam shower or steam shower bath.

All the steam showers come flat packed are easily assembled and are structured at a price you can afford, so why not invest today in tomorrows future.