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Steam showers are the future allowing you to add luxury to your bathroom whilst combining high tech features alongside a fantastic range of health benefits. The new range of steam showers now available on the open market allowing you the opportunity to enjoy a mass of delightful benefits within your own home.

For centuries steam has been renowned for enhancing your well being and offering a selection of health properties. Previously if you were interested in indulging into a healthy steam room you were only able to do this by residing to your local health club, recreation centre or health spas. These forms of introducing you to the element of steam were at best crowded or possibly costly. However through technical ingenuity the birth of the steam shower has enabled us all to experience the well being of steam right in our very own homes.

The steam showers available not only provide you with an array of health benefits but come with some truly amazing technical features. All the steam shower units come with built in radio systems with strategically placed speakers to ensure you receive a quality sound. On top of this you have auxiliary points allowing you to introduce you very own features, possibly an MP3 player or a CD player the choice is yours. Then you have the larger steam shower baths that come with added extras such as televisions. This enables you to indulge in a state of tranquillity whilst either relaxing in the whirlpool bath or if you prefer whilst having an enjoyable steam massage.

The steam showers really are an amazement to science, not only do you get the best of both worlds with the high tech gadgets and the health benefits but all of the steam shower cubicles come with tinted glass and are an excellent method of transforming your bathroom décor.

Our range consists of the standard steam shower rooms, walk in steam showers and lastly you have a choice to have an all-in one unit where you have the steam shower baths combined. The combined steam shower baths not only have the added feature of a bath, it is actually a whirlpool bath and Jacuzzi.

Whether you want to reduce fatigue and stress, help to improve your blood circulation and increase your metabolism, improve your skins complexion, alleviate back problems, aches and pains or simply relax after a long day you have it all with a steam shower.